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About us
Innovation Driven Simplistic Solutions
We provide innovation driven simplistic solutions for complex problems. Our Idealization & proof of concept is backed by evidence based research and validation. Kratu's self sanitizing suit is world's first design exclusively developed as personal protective coverall to combat Covid19 pandamic. It is a flagship product of Kratu and the unique design controls the viral transmission rate. It is user friendly, cost effective and ensure's complete safety to the front liners.
Amid Pandemic Kratu has developed an unique PPE design which can effectively minimize the viral load and control cross contamination.
To provide innovation driven effective solutions in the field of medicine, healthcare and lifestyle by refreshing and rejuvenating the traditional wisdom and knowledge of India through rigorous experimentation and validation.
We believe the power of thought; trigger for innovative and disruptive ideas backed by scientific evidence to develop products viz., reusable self-sanitizing suit can address the problems in grass root level. We are trusted PPE partner to B2B and B2C customers pledged in delivering quality products. 
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